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You deserve the leaders you vote in. That is a simple, poignant truth.

So if you have a leader threatening to castrate a reporter, it is because you put him and others of his ilk in place. Royal Media Services have a guy who sends them news items from time to time. He seems to have foul with the Kangema MP who decided to give him a rather stern warning. A warning he would be wise to heed: if he loves his nut sac.

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I am not a natural Kikuyu speaker seeing as it is not one of the languages I mastered but I got a Kikuyu to translate the audio for me and she tells me what the MP says is:

“I am a bad man. I am not the one to play with. Why do you want me to castrate you? I will castrate you!”

pls pls if you want me to i will castrate you, pls i don’t play with people by the way, you hear?, ..you can write whatever you want, but let me tell you I have done some things, and I can come for you ngai pls desist, write whatever you want but remember who you are dealing with, you are dealing with the wrong number, pls i have left you to do write whatever, to do whatever, I can hear a kid crying, so you have young kids? please, I am not your level, give me the respect I deserve, you may have your democratic right, I don’t care about your democratic right, I don’t care whether you have you have democracy, Here in Kangema I don’t think we work the way you are doing. that is what you don’t know. ati………. (1:23-1:1:45 I DONT KNOW WHAT HE MEANT HERE)………I am a very bad person because I don’t care…and i don’t bemebeleza, I don’t massage people, ……………

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Listen to the audio and let us know what you make of it in the comment section: