Sponsors have been the trend in the 254 and women are seriously thriving in that business.

Just recently, Sharon Otieno was caught on the wrong side of that lifestyle. She was a young university student who had a lot to look forward to in life but her life was snuffed out.

Sharon was allegedly pregnant with Obado’s child and she had a hot story for a journalist from Migori county. Next thing we hear they are missing.

Ancestor sponsor

Untold story of how Betty Kyallo’s Porshe Cayenne was dramatically repossessed!

Other than that, Bridget came out to speak of the struggles girls go through to earn all the money and expensive things they own. She confessed it all and Kenyans were up in arms.

Of course, these ladies lifestyles have been catered for fully by these older men. The funny thing is, most of these ladies have a boy toy who they just have a sexual relationships with. After all sponsor only lasts one very, very, very, very, – did I say very?, yes, very very short round.

Lakini boychild akipatwa  kwa hiyo  nyumba na mwenyewe, it is beef for sure.

So dear boychild, in case you’re caught by the sponsor in the house, here are a few roles you need to play quick!

  1. Play the role of a brother

This reminds me of a story by Jaymo Ule Msee where his friend was caught by a sponsor in the house he was paying rent in. The comedian had to play the role of her brother. He slept in the living room listening to the moans of the girl. To make thing worse, he spent time with the girl and the sponsor all day.

2. Play the role of a plumber

If you were a fan of Desperate Housewives, then you know how actress Eva Longoria always had her ben 10, John, over but he always played the role of a plumber and they were never caught. Atleast not for a long while…

3. Play the role of a cousin

Almost all of us always called our high school or primary sweethearts, cousins to get away with being close to each other. Almost always. If a sbonza finds you in his sponsee’s house, please play the role of a cousin to a ‘T’.

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4. Play the role of a best friend

As a boychild, this excuse will works out perfect. It is probably the safest excuse to give the sponyo to save your life. Bora tu he finds you fully dressed.

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