Sleepy David seems to be earning a lot of money thanks to his comedy.

He posted a picture on his social media page simply just hanging around his people. The one thing that we noticed is the black toy behind him.

That toy does not look cheap. We have to agree that owning a German car is not cheap. Actually maintaining it, is not cheap.

To Sleepy David, what is money? Karatasi tu! He has been in the comedy industry for quite some time under the father of comedy Churchill that has paved way for more opportunities.

Sleepy launched a game for his fans which of course gave him some money, he is an MC’s for various events, brand ambassador and a host on The Trend TTT segment. Money over here, money over there. Right?

Exclusive: Churchill Show’s Sleepy David throws lavish birthday, lakini ataoa lini?

Well, this many jobs have earned him the rights to own a German car. He is a proud owner of a BMW 5 Series (E60). The car costs between Ksh 2.5 million to Ksh 3.3 million.

BMW 5 series E60 is unique with convex and concave surfaces as well as flowing transitions from the front and side to the rear gave the fifth edition of the BMW 5 Series a particularly characteristic note.

The interior with its clear-cut functions highlighting above all the iDrive control system featured as standard.

Well, from his humble beginnings and quitting engineering school, passion and hard work does eventually pay.

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