Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu is currently incurring the wrath of fans after she confirmed to them that she has been lying about her age. Sepetu was supposed to have turned 32 years but she insists that she just turned 30.

She revealed this in a post that read

“30 years old Queen… I promised to say the truth on my exact Day… September 28th 1990, I was Delivered from the Womb of Mariam Athmann Sumbe… Iam Happy I’m celebrating 30 years of my Life… 🤪🤪🤪
Sorry I lied…😂”

Mungu hakupi vyote! Wema Sepetu reveals her insecurities

Well, fans are angry with the fact that Sepetu lied about her age and even won the Miss Tanzania 2006 meaning that she might have faked her birth date to read she was of age.

If she is 30 years old as she claims, then she won the pageant when she was 16 years. So to get admitted into the pageant, she had to wait for two years to be 18 years, to get a chance to compete for Miss Tanzania. But she did not, she changed her birthday in the application form.

So, y’all now know, Wema Sepetu was lying all along for 14 whole years.