Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is indeed quite the charmer. From hosting hip hop stars at State House, stepping out in military fatigues on occasion, to taking selfies with wananchi; if, by now, you are yet to be convinced of his charisma, check out these photos of just how alluring his presence is even when in the company of other Presidents.

This young man has something to say
President Uhuru Kenyatta with from left Namibian President Hifikefunye Pohamba, Mozambique President Armando Guebuza and Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe at Embassy Park Presidential Site in Lusaka


At the state funeral of Zambia’s President the late Michael Sata on Tuesday, you couldn’t help but notice just how attentive the older African statesmen were to the much younger Uhuru. What could he have been telling them?

UK listening to zambia's acting President
The only reason former Zambia President Rupia Banda (Left) appears bored is because it is Zambia’s acting President, Guy Scott speaking. Looking on (between Uhuru and Scott) is Mozambique’s Armando Guebuza


So what exactly is it about Uhuru that has so many of his supporters and opponents in awe? Is it his stature, height? (Uhuru is quite tall, I think only Rwanda’s Paul Kagame is taller than him among the regional Presidents).

Its not hard to pick out the young Uhuru from among the leaders


UK among his peers
Uhuru takes his place among other African leaders attending Sata’s funeral

Is it his family background, pedigree? Being a son to Kenya’s founding father Jomo Kenyatta, he may have a few stories from his dad to interest even the elderly. Is it his age? At 52, Uhuru is one of the youngest African Presidents. Or is he just being Uhuru?

Mugabe almost breaks neck
Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe (extreme right) must be nursing a stiff neck by now

Whatever it is, this Kenyan President seems to have many under his spell.