There is nothing more worrying that being denied by a family member, or a group/club you belong to. It can be a stressing experience.

Again, it can be a stress to be ‘put’ in a group or category you didn’t belong to either!

On Tuesday, Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo went on an uncontrollable rant at the National assembly, where she hurled insults on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Among the insults she directed to the Head of State was “fisi wewe!“. What left people gasping for breath was the manner she said it.

She oozed an aura of confidence, which could only be found in a starving crocodile hunting a hippopotamus.

Millie even threatened the president to sue her if he wished to.

millie odhiambo

Well, days after calling President Uhuru a fisi, Mafisi Sacco has come out demanding that Millie desists referring to the president as a “fisi”, since he was not one of them!!! Lol!

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In a demand letter addressed to ‘Millie Othiambo’, Mafisi secretary general Tom Mbayeye has categorically clarified that Uhuru has never been a member of Mafisi Sacco!!!

“On behalf of team Mafisi, I want to state categorically that President Uhuru is not one of us and he doesn’t attend our strategy meetings. We propose that Millie Othiambo uses the word “sponsor” any other time she feels like calling names,” said tom.

Should the president issue an official statement addressing this sensitive issue as well???? Wee ni  Mafisi au nini Uhunye?

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