President Uhuru Kenyatta has made a new addition to his line up of fancy luxury watch brands. His newest timepiece is an Arnold & Son that retails for a cool Sh2.1 m. Uhuru wears at least another four high end watches.

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The Arnold watch was visible on Uhuru’s wrist when he was briefing the media on the voter registration drive at Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri, last Friday (January 20).

This watch is called the HM Perpetual Moon. It retails for between US $21,000 and $25,000 ( SH2.16 million AND SH 2.58 million).

Arnold & Son history is pegged on the ingenuity of its founding father, John Arnold who was a talented craftsman and scholar. He left England 200 years ago for the Netherlands at the age of 19 after completing his apprenticeship to hone his watchmaking skills. He returned two years later speaking excellent German, which stood him in good stead later at the court of George III, and established himself as a watchmaker of repute in London’s Strand.

After Arnold presented the smallest repeating watch ever made to King George III, he rapidly acquired a wealthy clientele. Arnold’s “No. 36” was the first timepiece to be called a chronometer, a term reserved for unusually precise watches to this day.

Arnold himself passed away in 1799 but the brand was revived in 1995.
uhuru Kenyatta
The HM Perpetual Moon model has an 18 carat gold case and a blue disc showing the eight phases of the moon. It is hand wound and waterproof to 30 metres.

Uhuru being a classic man, this brand fits with his need for such a watch.

The beautifully crafted watch is worth a lot more in prestige and status. It’s sole aim is not just to tell time, but also a symbol of class and power. You cannot put an amount to that.

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Uhuru has also been seen wearing a Parmigiani Pershing series worth a cool Sh2.5 m; Rolex Submariner costing Sh850,000; an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak costing ShSh2.6m; and a Patek Phillipe Nautilus costing Sh2.6m.

One of the popular James Bond characters played by Pierce Brosnan confessed, “I have some wonderful suits in my closet, a lovely car, some refined watches.”

Watches are the only jewelry men can wear with ease. A good expensive watch makes a statement.

Uhuru Kenyatta

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