Uhuru kenyatta

On Sunday, Uhuru Kenyatta drove himself to Nyayo Stadium from State House.

On his way there, he ran into some mishap, his car, a GWagon, got scratched.

A source told Mpasho, “Yes. He was driving the GWagon between a parked car and the barricade of the GSU lorry at parliament. That is when it got scratched.”

Papa Dennis would be alive if only medics responded quickly,’ cries twin brother

He later drove to Nyayo Stadium.

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Photo of Uhuru driving his GWagon in town

While in Nyayo Stadium, Uhuru drove his monster of a truck on the Tartan Track.

This is a trademarked all-weather synthetic track surfacing made of polyurethane used for track and field competitions.

That is normally not allowed for common mwanainchi only the commander-in-chief and dignitaries.

Here is the photo of Uhuru’s car getting scratched.

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