Uhuru and Macron
Uhuru and Macron

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently welcomed his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron into the country on Wednesday. The two enjoyed a ride together in a Peugeot – a French vehicle – that had been assembled in Kenya.

The Peugeot being unveiled
The Peugeot being unveiled

Uhuru was seen driving Macron on State House grounds. As usual, netizens had something to say. Some of the comments are below:

@Jmwendwa17I’m expecting the two presidents to be arraigned in court tomorrow for not wearing safety belts contrary to traffic rules and regulations…..

Mkenya_peter : Hahaa what is the priority of @UKenyatta, farmers are crying,Coffee,tea,dairy,poultry due to abnormal demand and supply supply curve. that is the priority of common mwanaichi.

Sir ArakaNa usitake hiyo chance kuomba loan wewe.

Ian Maiyo‏: Kuna Alcoblow hapo State House road

The Peugeot being unveiled
The Peugeot being unveiled
Johnnie githae‏: Could have been better if it was manufactured in kenya
The George‏: If it is locally assembled, exempt it from taxes to make it affordable hence more local jobs.
Kamau Samuel‏: You know what Mr. President, the corruption in this country and your inability to counter it makes everything else you say or do to look like a big joke. How I wish you could view or feel it from this end if the country!
Aj atekuThe worst thing is that some of us don’t have opportunities to afford that car

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jamesmusyokanyaga: Nice vehicle…but if can get a chance to talk to uhuru just to buy me Toyota probox for doing my business can’t even another job..
Muxukulu wa China: Copycat. Une-copy Kagame
Mwendawamuthoni‏: Macron is here to seek for a colony n make us speak french