K24 staff said goodbye to Karen Knaust, the news anchor who used to work alongside Eric Njoka.

The beautiful screen siren who got engaged to her longtime boyfriend announced that she would be leaving the station and her position as the primetime news anchor which prompted her colleagues to throw her a party.

This is what her colleagues had to say about her departure:

Maya Hayakawa: My wish for you Karen Knaust is that you live the life you have always imagined! You have held my hand since day 1 ☝️ and now I hold yours as you enter this new chapter in your life! I love you ???? #friendship #love #goodluck #Godspeed #friendsforever

Anjlee Gadhvi:  I will miss you Karen! Her last bulletin on k24tv! It’s been a pleasure working with you???????? finally got the picture of Maya Hayakawa Karen Knaust and I after the longest time! Team #K24TV Wanjiku Mwenda and Eric Njoka thankyou!! I wish you a world of happiness Karen Knaust you have been more than a sister to me. Love mingi

Check out the photos of her farewell party below:

karen-knausts-cake karen-knaust Karen-Knaust-Maya-Hayakawa-and-Anjlee-Gadhvi karen-knaust-sad karen-knaust-quits-K24 karen-knaust-leaves-K24 karen-knaust-goes karen-knaust-bye Karen-Knaust-and-Anjlee-Gadhvi karen-knaust-1