Fisilets will always salivate over hot men! FACT!! And they are doing this for a Kenyan actor called Innocent Njuguna. I have a few confessions from them!

Famous Kenyan Actor Involved In A Grisly Road Accident!

If you don’t know who the young chap is, Innocent has acted in a couple of local television programs like Pendo, Santalal and Jane & Abel. Kenyan women like (love) him. Sorry, they desire him. They are always lusting after him.

Reasons? I don’t know!!!

But according to a few ladies I talked to, they say that he is hot. Others said that he oozes everything they would want from a man.

In simple terms, all they were saying is, “Innocent can gerrriiitt!!!” But their hypocrisy won’t allow them to say it!

Popular Kenyan Actor Remembers How He Almost Died In A Grisly Road Accident

Growing up, Innocent wanted to be a runway model.

“At one time, I really wanted to be a runway model…The one thing that I really thought would put me out there… nitambulike. kabla nifunzwe kutembea…na hii urefu yangu… sema is ngori…sema kupitwa na wakati…sema shattered dreams..nikaona afadhali kupose,” he says.

Now, below are photos of the ladies’ man:

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Ladies, is he a Hit or a Miss????