4. Mustafa

This has to be the dumbest business idea I have ever heard of!! And it has to come from a guy whom controversy is his middle name. Rapper Colonel Mustafa must have a loose nut in his head or something.

After Rubbishing Rumours That He Is Broke, Bad Boy Colonel Mustafa’s Video In Bed With Girlfriend Surfaces Online

Other than his equally controversial songs, the former half of the Deux Vultures kapuka group has been hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons. His beef with coastal singer Nyota Ndogo, his dramatic break up with singer Marya, his allegations of bedding a married woman after featuring her in a raunchy music video, the list is endless!

Mustafa seems not to get tired from making controversies. When one of such scandals seem to die off, he jumps right to the next! He is a real pain in the a**!

Recently, he denied rumours that he was dead broke, but still, he’s yet to prove the reports otherwise. Maybe as a way to make ends meet, Mustafa (who apart from music operates a container fashion shop at Pipeline estate in Embakasi) is looking at other avenues to make money.

10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Ruffneck Bad Boy Colonel Mustafa

But his latest idea of a business venture might get him into trouble with authorities.