Witches paraphernalia
Witches paraphernalia

Naivasha is a cosmopolitan area that houses all the major tribes in Kenya. However, residents of the town woke up to a bizarre incident where tens of dead chicken were dumped along the busy Moi South Lake road in what is believed to be witchcraft.

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The chicken were incidentally placed on one side of the road and a few meters apart raising fear and suspicion among tens of flower farm workers who reside in the area.

Section of the road is infested by wild animals which did not feast on the dead birds further raising suspicion among the workers.

Star reporter, Anthony Gitonga writes that it’s alleged that the chickens were dumped overnight and it was not until morning that they were discovered by the workers.

Following the bizarre incident, public health officers led by their in charge Carolyne Vata visited the affected route before picking samples of the dead birds.

The officers were also dumbfounded by the incident ruling out normal dumping as they embarked on their investigations.

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According to one of the area residents James Tanui, the birds were dumped over night on strategic locations along the road.

Tanui who hails from the nearby Sanctuary village attributed the move to witchcraft adding that this was normal during elections period.

“This is purely witchcraft but our worry is who is been targeted and who are the masterminds behind this bizarre incident,” he Told The Star.

The sentiments were echoed by another area resident Geoffrey Onyambu who said that the incident had left them in fear.

He noted that prior to the 2007-08 post election violence that rocked the town, a similar incident occurred and called on police to investigate the issue.

“If it was one person discarding the birds he would have done it in one section of the road instead of dumping them one after the other,” he said.

Another worried resident was Moses Mulunga who attributed the incident to witchcraft and politics as the country headed to the general elections.

“This place has tens of hyenas and wild dogs but none has consumed the discarded birds raising concern among area residents,” he said

However one of the roadside traders Josephine Ingui said that the birds could have dropped from a speeding car ferrying them to the market.

“This incident is very suspicious but in think that the chicken could have escaped from a pick-up and landed on one side of the road,” she said.

A senior officer from public health said that they had taken samples of the dead birds to the government laboratories for further investigations.

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