Joseph Mwangi Irungu.

A Kenyan last week was involved in one of the bravest and courageous thefts ever done in the Middle East. He had stolen the equivalent of 137 million shillings while working for a security company in Dubai.

The news was not taken kindly by the Kenyans currently making a living in the Emirates. The Kenyan who had participated in the robbery had tarnished Kenyans reputations with his audacious and heroic stealing.

The cops in UAE who have life great what with driving Lamborghini’s and Bugattis. But their job was made a lot harder when a Kenyan security guard got greedy and went decided to steal 137 million shillings.

This is how police roll

Immediately the theft was confirmed the police were confident that they would be able to catch him immediately but what has ensued is different from their initial diagnosis. The Kenyan was smart and has laid low. So they have finally had to reveal the only trump card that they had, his identity.

Joseph Mwangi Irungu.
A photo of the suspect

They have released his photo and his name. This modern-day Robin_hood goes by the name of Joseph Mwangi Irungu.

That he has not been caught so far is a testament to his grit and ingenuity but how long can he last against the worlds best-pimped police force. For Joseph Mwangi Irungu, his choices are grim: Certain death if caught or death via the desert roads.

How will this end?

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