Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi

Sponsor; an old man who dates young women, foots their bills and gets sex in return. That’s the Kenyan definition of a sponsor. Well, of late sponsors and Team Mafisi (a term used to refer to a broke man who cannot afford to take a girl out, but all they do is thirst on her pictures) have been involved in a tug of war and it seems this is not going to end anytime soon.

Mpasho Investigates Part 1: How Old Sugar Daddies Seduce Young University Girls (VIDEO)

Team Mafisi have been accusing Kenyan sponsors of taking away all the pretty women and leaving them with nothing to salivate on. On the other hand, sponsors have decided not to entertain these fisi’s and the war between them seems to have just started. Dear Team Mafisi, usishindane na ndovu, utapasuka msamba!

Anyway, if you are looking for a sponsor, make sure you possess the following characteristics. From the light-skinned beauties to well-endowed women, here are the types of women Kenyan sponsors like.