Kenyans on Twitter will have a laugh once they realise their favourite Twitter bigwig were relying on bots to maintain their street cred on the interwebs.

On Thursday, the social media networking site started to purge inactive accounts. This will run into tens of millions of inactive sites, most of which are run by bots.

Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lost more followers than most people have on Thursday afternoon after his company stated the exercise.

Twitter announced recently that it planned to delete accounts that were created by users but may have been taken over by spammers and bots, or what Twitter calls “locked accounts.”

Twitter also said the purge won’t affect the metrics it releases to investors, like monthly active users or daily active users. “Removing locked accounts from followers doesn’t impact MAU or DAU,” Twitter said in a blog post. “Locked accounts that have not reset their password in more than one month are not included in MAU or DAU.”

Jack tweeted, “(I lost 200k followers 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼).”

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Here are other Kenyan big wigs who have lost followers.

  1. Uhuru Kenyatta – Followers as of July 12 – 3,234,935. Today – 3,218,864
  2. William Ruto – Followers as of July 12 – 1,975,437. Today – 1,968,226
  3. Raila Odinga – Followers as of July 12 – 1,923,245. Today – 1,923,428 (increased)
  4. Larry Madowo – Followers as of July 12 – 1,516,052. Today – 1,508,286
  5. Jeff Koinange – Followers as of July 12 – 1,300,047. Today – 1,288,932

Ezekiel Mutua from 106K

Xtian Dela from 1M

Nyakundi from 1.2M

Kim Kardashian from 60M

Koena Clothing 1M

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