33-year-old twins serving life imprisonment are now pleading with President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga to extend acts of handshake to prisons.

The two five years and ten months after they were sentenced for robbery with violence say they are hopeful they could be released.

Cliff Bikeri and Edwin Choya, natives of Kisii County are currently serving their jail term in Manyani Maximum Prison TaitaTaveta County.

The duo were in 2012 convicted in a Kisii Court.

They later served in Kisii Prison, Kodiaga Prison, Kibos Prison, Naivasha Prison, Kamiti Maximum Prison and now at Manyani Prison.

Before the verdict, Cliff and Edwin were celebrated gospel artists in their local church in Keroka.

They were also part-time sports commentators in a local sports TV show.

After form four in 2007, they landed a set book acting job in Nairobi courtesy of their unique talents.

“We were privileged to act set books in different secondary schools, colleges and theatre halls across the country. We acted Kiu, Romeo and Juliet,River Between among other famous stage plays.” Cliff narrated.

Their rising star would suddenly dim 3 years later after they were accused of conspiring to sell music production machines at their Kisii home.

Their transformation in prison has earned them favours among prison wardens.

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They now serve as teachers in class of performing arts and motivational speakers within the prison.

“We have no bad record in all prisons that we have served. We are always optimistic that one day we shall be released from jail.” he said.

The outspoken look-alike are now beseeching President Uhuru Kenyatta for a state pardon, noting that they have learnt their lesson the hard way.


“We sincerely regret for the stupid act that we did. We lived well with our neighbors and everybody at home. But now that we messed at some point of our life, we beg the president to consider our petition in this year’s state pardon.” Cliff, a father of one said.

In tears, Cliff and Edwin begged the Vice chairman of the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee (POMAC), Janet Kirui  when they visited the correctional facility for cross examination of petitioners to consider their petition.

They said that they had no other option to leave jail apart from presidential pardoning.

Edwin, a farther of two begged President Kenyatta to extent the famous handshake to them and other reformed inmates.

“Just as our president had a handshake with opposition leader Raila Odinga that calmed the country, we beg him to extent the same by granting us mercy. It shall calm our hearts and allow us to pursue our dreams. This is a very special and saddening case of twin serving a life sentence. It has really pained our parents and relatives. We’ve learnt our lesson also.” Edwin noted.


He said they would wish to leave prison to publish their new book and produce their already scripted TV programmed that would sensitize community against crime.

“We have manuscripts of books that we would wish to print them and sensitize the community because we’ve learnt how important freedom is. We also have a movie dubbed ‘two brothers in jail’, that we would wish our people to watch.” he remorsefully said.