Kiswahili si lugha changu but I can tell you for a fact Diamond mentioned Hamisa in his new jam, “Katika” featuring Navy Kenzo.

The rumor that Hamisa had gone to witch doctors amroge Diamond became a topic of discussion and when Hamisa came to Kenya she said she had gone to seek spiritual guidance and not witchcraft.

Diamond had spoken about it on his TV station, Wasafi TV saying she had gone to seek a witchdoctor’s help to secure Diamond’s love.

Well, in his new song, featuring Navy Kenzo, he comes out to say yes, it actually worked on him. He confessed this saying:

tunguli zimenibamba, mobetto

You don’t believe me, download Songa By Safaricom on the Google App store or dial *812# and get Katika in today’s Made for Monday playlist.