Their is no love lost between the numerous love interests of one Diamond Platnumz. From Zari to Wema Sepetu to Hamisa Mobeto to Tunda Sebastian. The ladies in his life do not get along.


That is no surprise. They are all in competition for the attentions and resources of one man, Chibu Dangote. Video vixen Tunda Sebastian, popularly known as Tunda, has now hurled insults at Hamisa.

Hamisa Mobetto

According to reports by Global Publishers on Saturday, May 5, Tunda is displeased with Hamisa for making up with the father of her second-born, she feels that Hamisa degraded herself:

“Tunda has been so disgusted by Mobeto and see’s her as a woman who doesn’t understand herself, from the day she divulged publicly that Diamond is the man she loves and they went ahead to receive the award together as they embraced romantically at the launch of Sinema Zetu Awards at Milimani City.”

Hamisa Mobetto with Diamond Platnumz
Hamisa Mobetto with Diamond Platnumz

Additionally, what seems to irk Tunda even more, is the fact the popular model previously disgraced the African Beauty hit maker, by taking him to court over their son’s upkeep. Tunda added:

 “I’m perplexed by Mobeto. First she accepted to be disgraced in that raunchy video just to be seen back together with Diamond.

If it was me, I could not agree to be humiliated that way, I’m bewildered, I don’t know why some women love to be disgraced. Think of it, just recently, she sued that man over child support but she has forgotten all that now and disgraced in a dirty video, she has been insulted so much but she is still there and thinks she is smart.”

Interestingly, the arguably scorned lass, in a quick rejoinder pointed out that her displeasure with Mobeto was not as a result of jealousy after being dumped by Diamond.

Oh! Really meme
Oh! Really meme. photo credit: funnyjunk

Hehehe! This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Tunda herself is not only rumoured to have slept with Diamond while he was married to Zari but is also alleged to have stolen former Miss Arusha’s Don Posh’s baby daddy, Casto Dickson.


This smacks of jealousy by Tunda. Hamisa has stuck it out with Diamond. A man who can’t seem to keep his pants zipped up and it seems she may just win out in the end of his “other women.” Might being the operative word.

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