Campus life is interesting. It is where most people get to discover themselves it is however where some people get lost and lose focus all the same.

Students come in all shades and in between phrases are created to help communicate.

Below are commonly used phrases

1. Nitumie pdf

This phrase is majorly used by students who have a tendency of missing classes only for them to run helter-skelter when exams are around the corner.

2. Nisignie attendance

We have all used this phrase unless you were in up-market schools. You wake up with a hangover and can’t muster the strength to attend class.

What do you do? Call your BFF and ask them to sign the attendance sheet on your behalf.

3. Class/Cat imebounce

This is the second-best news for a campus student after a Mpesa message. Most people are ever clueless thanks to not studying for a cat.

4. Class/Cat iko wapi

We have all interacted with clueless students who never know where classes are, when or where exams are being held.

So it is not news to hear them ask the above question.

5. Pigwa exile

This is when you are exiled from your room by your roommate because he has a hot date.

6. Supp inafanywa lini?

Thank God I never used this phrase during my stint in the campus. Its mostly used by students who have to do a supplementary exam after failing the original one.

7. Group yenu imejaa?

The phrase above is majorly used by last-minute students who are never in class when groups are being created.

Such people may be in class but are less bothered about the activities going on in class.

8. Uko na mwaks??

Mwakenya are mostly used by students who never studied or when the lecturer brings an exam created from a topic one is not familiar with.

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9. Ati uliniambia hii sem tunafanyanga unit ngapi?

Most asked question by team clueless.

10. Password ya WiFi

Who wants to use their bundles in these tough economic times? The password statement is among the top used phrase, not only in campuses but in hotels as well.

11. Nipigie picha notes

This phrase is usually used by absentee students who want to keep up with school work without having to cough up money to print notes.

A list of Kenyan celebrities who have lost their kids in recent years

12. Lec amefika?

Mostly used by latecomers.

13. Seconds before exam Them: niambie chenye unajua

Ever had a blank moment? Well it has happened to most of us and the above statement is majorly used when you don’t have a clue what the exam is about.

14. Toa form ya mzinga

Used when you are not sure of what drink will keep you busy while out partying.

15. Next sem nitakua serious

We have all used this phrase especially when results come in and you realize you are not as smart as you thought you were.

16. In a group ‘Nyi Fanyeni’ discussion, me nitatoa pesa ya kuprint

The phrase above is used by rich kids who would rather go out partying at the expense of their education.

Others are out there chasing mulah and do not have time to study.

17. *on Friday – uko wapi?

Asked when people are trying to get a plan on how to kick start their weekend.

18. Tunatoa ngapi kila msee

Used when students are trying to contribute towards buying something, in most cases a mzinga.

19. Kuja sapa kwangu

Used by team mafisi to lure girls for pekejeng when dry spell strikes.

20. Ongeza chwani tushike kaquorra (quarter)

Mostly used when mwezi iko kona and students don’t have enough cash to buy liquor yet they still want to get drunk.

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