If you are a fan of reggae and have been listen to the master himself at his job, Ali Baba, then you have probably noticed his absence on radio the last couple of days.

He was admitted at MP Shah on February 23 after collapsing at home and was then diagnosed with a tumour in the pancreas. The tumour was removed on March 1, and he is now recovering in hospital.

MUNGU MPONYE! Radio Jambo’s Liondeh HOSPITALIZED After Developing Pancreas Problems (PHOTOS)

Ali Baba informed his fans.

“Hi Friends.
I know you haven’t seen me around for Sometime.
On 23rd FEBRUARY, I collapsed at home & was rushed to MP SHAH HOSPITAL and admitted at the HDU.
I Was diagnosed with a Tumour in my Pancreas after a CT Scan.
The Surgery to remove the Tumour in my Stomach was Done on Thursday 1st March 2018 Successfully!
May the Almighty God be Glorified!
Thank you my Family, Colleagues, Fans & Friends for your Prayers, Concern & Blood Donations.
Am still Recuperating at MP SHAH HOSPITAL.
God Bless you,” he wrote on his social media.

Many people especially celebrities have come up to support him by donating blood, visiting him in the hospital and through prayer.

As it stands his bill is at Ksh 1.65m and he requires donations from friends family and fans.

From the picture on social media he looks like he is in a lot of pain and all we can do as fans is help by praying for him as he goes through his recovery journey.