Sauti Sol

Kenyan artistes are afraid the industry will be affected after the first Coronavirus case in Kenya was confirmed today.

Speaking to, Sauti Sol’s Bien says they are in a panic because they had a show in London on the 27th March.

The London show was to mark the beginning of Sauti Sol’s world tour this year.

“Our management has had to travel to discuss that, ” he said.

adding that all the tickets were already sold out and fans were expecting them to perform.

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Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

” Tomorrow, we had another show at The Karen Country Club with other Kenyan artistes but it has been cancelled, mABOIZ WETU WA sOL GENERATION PIA, THEY HAD ALOT OF LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCES,” he said.

Bien says he is in panic and urged Kenyans to be vigilant and to take precautions by washing your hands thoroughly, with water and soap and make sure you eat a lot of vegetables.

Bien who held his wedding last week, says he has had to postpone his honeymoon as well.

“ni wapi utaenda uepuke Corona Virus, we better stay in Kenya. If I will go, I will choose an African Country,” he said.

The government has also suspended all visits to prison for the next 30 days, all public gatherings, church crusades, games and even interschool events.

The CS has urged persons with a cough or sneezes to stay at home if they feel unwell with a fever.
All public transport providers have been directed to provide hand sanitisers.

Also, travel outside the country has been suspended unless necessary with zero travel to countries with a high virus outbreak.