Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has savagely responded to a fan who claimed she was lying about her age.

The sexy screen siren in a tweet revealed that she was turning 30 years old this week, saying her lavish salon Flair was one of her biggest achievements.

Betty Kyallo

Turning 30 this week🥳🥳 @FlairByBetty is one of my biggest achievements. Thanking God. By the way for the gifters, I’m accepting gifts of non- monetary value. Bye!

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 Many flooded the comment section, making fun of her, with some claiming she was lying about her age.

One of her followers tweeted:

I thought you were 38 and above.

The K24 presenter responded asking the follower if they were born together.

Tulizaliwa pamoja?

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo savagely attacks fan

Betty was forced to share her Id just to justify that she’s indeed still young. She was born in 1989.

Check out more reactions from Betty Kyallo’s fans about her age:

Odedejuma: In 2003 in a certain TV station you were talking about and accident or scar you were 17 years 2019 30yrs BETTY you are 33yrs

Bwanarekebisha: 30 as in 30 or 30 as in 30 something……?

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Nashpae: If Betty was 17yrs in 2005, that means she is 31years. Unless hajui miaka yake vizuri

Betty Kyallo

Francisondiko: Typing actually 40 not 30

Kipkiruikosgei: If you’re turning 30 then I’m yet to be born!Anyway HBD in advance

Xelembu: 30?????? Then am 17, thank God am still young.

WiliamsKyengo: Kudos ..Great achievement .I will also sent my gift though i don’t know the channel to use

Ivytush: Welcome to third floor it’s full of Grace and unmerited favour .Happy birthday in Advance Betty

Timmy: 30! God created people differently, past 30 with certificates for different professions and still hustling! Consider yourself blessed and don’t take it for granted. HBD

Betty Kyallo

Estoneshikumu: Welcome to the lovely floor. We were afraid to associate with you huko 2nd floor. Huku duka hufunguliwa atleast 3 rounds. Welcome

Dansmunyao: 30 really ama ni 40 hebu hesabu tena

Kibirabrian: Betty 30yers reall I started watching you back then when I was I high school now am 29 meaning that you’ve worked for almost more than 10 yrs and you are 30