Mishy Dorah is one of the hottest lasses on Nairobi D and with a libido to match. She was recently in Tanzania were she’d gone on a hunting mission to get hold of some cock male chicken.

She is an emancipated woman who makes no excuses for liking sex. And after smashing Rayvanny on his turf, she also smashed him at her stomping grounds, Nairobi.

And while here, things got crazy. And the sextape audio can be gleaned on here:

EXCLUSIVE! Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dorah Finally Releases Her Sex Tape With Ray Vanny, She Moans Loudly! (VIDEO)

Anyway, moving right along, she opened up about just how the sex played out; they would engage in coitus for an hour, jump into the shower and engage in coitus some more. This happened for two weeks.

And not once did they think about using protection. You know why? Because protection is for suckers who do not want children or diseases and real niggas do real things like sow wild oats!