Willy Paul is one of the best musical products Kenya has produced in a while. He is intelligent (street smart) and heavily talented. He is not just a good musician, he is a sick performer.

Kijana Amepewa Kichapo Cha Mbwa! Willy Paul Savagely Beats Bahati After He Called Him His Sister

And the truth is, given his level of celebrity, alot of people would be looking to use his clout for their own means. Take Dasiva da Rapper. He is one of the Noti Flow affiliates in her new jam Drink and Party.

And we invited the entire fam into our stronghold for an interview and when they came through, we spoke about a whole host of issues but the one I want to highlight today is the one in which Dasilva da Rapper admitted to smoking bhangi with Willy Paul back in the day.

I was stunned. But not into silence. You can catch that interview below by the way:

And we reached out to Willy Paul for some right of reply which he served up with some level of maturity and wisdom that I couldnae help but marvel at just how much he has matured in matters music biz in a few short months.

What he said in response was:

Bro.. I have worked so hard to get to where I am.. I’m not going to talk about another artist. Please tell me who that is … and I’ll have the police do there job… thank you..

I’m busy sealing deals in Tz.