Singer Vivian has come out to call out trolls who are claiming she is heavy with child. The beauty is currently engaged to Sam West and they are set to say “I do” soooooon.

The Chingi Changa star has set the record straight.

She wrote on her social media, “Btw I am not pregnant. Smh.”

The post was accompanied with a photos showing Vivian’s flat midsection.

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Fan of the singer gave their hilarious take on the announcement.

Joseph Khadudu: Wait. Usiniambie ati umemkausha hizo siku zote😂😂. Loosen up a little bit. Even a quickie.

Serem Abraham: DON’T KEEP SAM WAITING, mna ngoja nn mwisho uta dump kijana wetu, l don’t believe you celebs 😂😂😹👍

Kevin Kipyego: Nlidani ulikafunga kitambo..venye mafisi wako hapo nyuma yako..acha tukuje

Kimutai Hilary: Heri wewe celibacy… Some of us have lost Hope till we trust sologamy only

Davidson Kipsigei Tole: Sam West alipata mega jackpot aky,you’re beautiful

Michael Snave: Paza Mmh so you are a virgin now that you have never been married

Christopher Ouma: At least you’re the very reason that makes me feel proud to be a Kenyan, wish others could emulate your unique way of doing things

Peninah Gitau: I can see a baby coming soon!!y u telling us u no pregnant natujauliza??nwei kakuje tu.

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Clinton Araka: Hehe vivianne utanitoa roho.. Yur killing it am mad over you

Taib Ndeyi: I’m in celibacy too,that’s mean we got something in common vivi

Alex Ritu: My father once bought an old bicycle. He ordered us not to ride it until the village pastor dedicated it 😪😪After the “prayers” we learnt it was faulty but since it had blessing we had to only turn it to a worship tool😖😖since then in our family we dont get second hand things without testing🤒🤒🤒speaking for Sam West

Peter Ngunjiri Jnr: 😂😂😂nikama vile mathe alikua ananunua kdf arafu anasema ucguze nza mtoto,,😂unakula tu kwa macho

Paul Kiprotich Yegon: Umeniroga na sijui how….. Jz wanna meet this fine perfect lovely beautiful creature

Patrick Kipkurui: Hiyo story eti ngoja mpaka marriage nakataa. Test drive lazima. Kama hakuna test drive hiyo gari ingojee mwingine show room.

Bonifas Dos Santos: Usiue kijana wa wenyewe na dryspell.Ata kama ni drops ni sawa akingoja ocean kwa marriage

Fredrick Murithi: I love your camel toe as much as I love your music.

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