Cellulant 6
Cellulant 6

A letter to one of the Dusit attack victims, Dennis Munene Mwaniki, by his dear wife has gone viral touching many.

Dennis Munene Mwaniki, the head of Information Security at Cellulant, was among the 21 people who were killed on January 15 during the DusitD2 terror attack.

Cellulant six
Pictures of the Cellulant employees killed by alShabaab at 14Riverside Drivel ast Tuesday during their memorial service

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Maria, who was only married to Munene for 5 months before terrorists took him from her, penned a moving tribute to him describing him as the best. In a touching tribute she wrote;

My darling, my best friend, my ride or die, I would still say yes I do despite all this heartache and pain. Despite the short time we were together, you gave me a lifetime. You fought for me, you pranked me, you made my ribs hurt constantly in laughter. You listened, anticipated my laughter. You listened, anticipated my needs and molded yourself to be just the perfect man for me, It has truly been the best time of my life. Nothing made you more sad than knowing that I was not okay.

Thanks for fighting for me for all those years until I said yes. It is amongst the best decisions I have made in my life.

Because of you, I can confidently say that I am a woman loved fiercely and unconditionally. You have greatly contributed to me becoming the strong woman that I am today. Always pushing me to break my limits There was no room for excuses with you, it was either go hard or go home. I hope that I will make you proud even from the heavens above.

There was truly never a dull moment for us, you gave me much more love, peace, and joy more than I could ever imagine or ask for. Ever so cheeky and enjoying pranks on me. I felt safe from the cruelty of this world as you protected, provided and led our family of two. You gifted me with so many precious gifts, a most loving and gentle mum, the father I never had a precious brother and sister. I am truly blessed that I did not marry into an amazing family.

I will keep at it my love, traveling to all the place we planned to go. Taling on adventures we had planned and I know your spirit is with me just as you told me the day before you left us. That I should stop looking for you because you were here with me.

Despite knowing you are here with me, I still miss you deeply. Sleep well my darling,

Always, my favorite person.


Here’s the photo

Dennis Munene
Dennis Munene, Dusit attack victim