Wahu is an exceptional lady has gone far and beyond to build her music career.

Over the years, she’s proved that she just gets better by the day. Juggling her music career, family and business is clearly not a walk in the park, but she makes it look easy. Maybe she’s just mastered the way around it.


Events organiser, Kevin Ombajo, commonly known as Big Kev, has not had an easy journey. Since 2010, has suffered from brain tumors, and so far, 14 tumors have been removed.

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He has undergone 13 surgeries. The last one he underwent was done in India which rendered his entire left side paralysed. His friends in the entertainment industry continue to give him all the support he needs.

We are hoping and praying all goes well. Even with everything going on, we still have to celebrate him as he turns a year older.

big kev

Wahu took to social media to wish him a happy birthday despite his condition.

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She wrote, “Better late than never!! Happy birthday to one of the bravest men I know. @bigkevkenya your strength and positivity through this journey is nothing short of admirable. Happy happy birthday my brother. We love you, we celebrate you, and uphold you before the Father now and always.

We wish Big Kev a quick recovery and a happy birthday.