Carol Radull
Carol Radull with mother and sister

Losing a loved one leaves a heartache no can heal and gap no one can fill. Radio queen Carol Radull is among the many in Kenya, who’ve lost their loved ones to cancer.

Carol Radull poses for a photo with Eddah’s Hope Team members

Radull, a cancer warrior, who is on the forefront to raise awareness about cancer and fight the epidemic works closely with Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation. Recently she celebrated her late brothers and father in a moving tribute, that will move you to tears.

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She shared photos of her brothers graves George and Robert and captioned; ‘Merry Christmas in heaven,’ respectively.

Carol Radull

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Carol, posted a deep message to her father which read;

Merry Christmas in heaven dad…I miss you.

Carol Radull

She also showered her mother, the pillar of her family with love. She wrote;

In May this year, Radull shared a moving story the late members of her family, moving many to tears.

Carol Radull
Old photo of Radull’s family

Her message read;

‘Allow me to tell you a story about this photo. There was a time when if you wanted a cool family photo you had to go to a photo studio in town; the most popular being Ramogi’s near Kenya Cinema or in Kisumu.

This was one of those days when my parents cleaned us up and we drove from Bondo to Kisumu to take a rare studio photo. And for Mr and Mrs Radull, the photo was well thought out and had to be perfect.

Now unlike today when you can see the photo that’s been taken and if you don’t like then you take another; no-one would be able to see the photo until it had been printed.

So imagine the surprise and annoyance on my parents’ faces when the photo came out and I had rolled down my socks because frankly I hated pulling my socks up (they tickled me) and I hated shoes – period – and had unbuckled my shoes because I felt I had worn them for too long.

I was 7 and outside of school, I would be permanently barefoot. My brother Robert was also in trouble because he put his hands in his pockets.

Years later though when we were sitting at home in our living room where the photo hung; my Dad suddenly said “I love this photo just the way it is.

It shows Robert’s rebellious character and Carol’s independance. If Carol isn’t comfortable; she speaks up; sometimes with her actions. In this case; she clearly hated socks and shoes.”

Mum agreed and we all laughed about it. It was a relief though knowing that I didn’t ruin our last studio family photo.

My small brother George died of Cancer on 15th May 1987. My brother Robert died in November 1998. My Dad passed away also from cancer on May 19th, 2013.

Today in Bondo we hold family prayers for them. It’s been difficult for the Radull Ladies without the strength of our brothers and father around. My Mum and my sis Flora Radull are my rock! That’s how I manage.

I really miss my brothers and especially my Dad. Dad had a way of making me believe that everything would be alright; especially when I felt I had made a mistake in life and rolled down my socks. I was far from being a perfect daughter or sister but he made all his children feel perfect. I miss his unconditional love.

Carol Radull
Carol Radull with sister Florence

In a previous message, she also shared an old photo of her parents and brothers and showered her mother with praises for being a strong woman.

Carol Radull

Her message read;

‘This photo of Mum and her boys was taken in 1986. 6 months later (15-5-87 – 28 years today) my brother George (blue jeans) died of cancer. My elder brother Robert passed on in 1998 and my dad on 19-5-2013 (cancer) Today the Radull girls celebrate their lives. I often wonder what my brothers would have become in life and I miss them terribly. I miss Dad too but I know they are resting in peace, and watching over us. Mother’s Day may have been five days ago, but I celebrate Mum every day. She’s had a tough life losing her boys but she remains strong and loving. Thank you, Mum.’

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Don’t you think cancer should be declared a national disaster in Kenya ?