A stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things at least according to Wikipedia.

We have heard a lot of stereotypes about different Kenyan tribes although some may or may not accurately reflect reality.

Below are the main beliefs amongst the top 5 Kenyan communities, go through and leave a comment

Here Are The Top Five Kenyan Tribes That Make Good Husbands

  1. Luhyas

Luhya men are believed to make the best Watchmen apart from their love for food and “bedminton”. Although there are a lot of Luhya men out there who shine across the globe such as footballers, prominent people, etc., there are still some who have proven that indeed the notion of Luhyas being the best watchmen is true.

2. Kikuyu

Apart from them being known to be “street smart”, the people from the mountain make the best matatu conductors (Makangas). They are known to be hard-working, and Mundu wa nyumba will do anything to get money. Most of the worst touts around are from this tribe. If you are always keen when using the PSVs you can agree with this.

3. Kisii

The angriest tribe in the country. They can slash you to death in case you cross their paths. It is believed that apart from being bedroom bullies, Kisii men are good boda boda operators. Check around the city and you will agree with me.

4. Kambas

They are known to be good domestic managers from cooks, shamba boys, cleaners to messengers. Don’t kill the messenger, please.

5. Luos

They are known for their flashy lifestyles. A Luo man would rather take a loan just to look great and live an expensive life than survive on peanuts from being under a Muhindi’s employ. They love to look smart, and that’s why most of them make best tailors and cobblers. Luos are the only group who embrace Africanism, and that’s why most of their musicians dress in African print attires.

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