Anne Waiguru

Anne Waiguru is the current Kirinyaga county governor. She is one of only 3 female governors in Kenya. It is indeed a rare achievement in this great country of Kenya. The greatest in the world!

Anne Waiguru

True Love East Africa might have been thinking along those lines when they decided to future the governor on their cover. Their caption is below:

“At TRUE LOVE MAGAZINE we celebrate women and their achievements every month. 
Which is why this Month, for #InternationalWomen’sDay and month, we purposed to do it in a special way, by getting some ladies who have dared to venture into Male Dominated fields and came through victorious. They are quite a number… One such lady is Governor Anne Waiguru. 
So What does it take to make an Iron Lady? What made Anne Waiguru?”

Anne Waiguru
True Love cover

But many Kenyans were not pleased with the governor being featured on the cover and made their opinions known.

Anne Waiguru

Some of their comments are below:

  • kakkoifly LOL you truelove people are hella funny. I wouldn’t read this issue even if I was paid. This is for lighting the jiko for cooking githeri or roasting meat *smh
  • [email protected]_ea this is so sad. What values are you trying to push? What amnesia is this?😏😳😢😢
  • misssmwikali What nonesense????? Trailblazing corruption! Such a shame #disgusted
  • motherofdragones This is an insult to all women who are out there working hard for their money and trying to support their families! Disgusting! This mag has gone to the dogs!
  • tudachristine This is sad…just simply sad. Why are you choosing her to represent women? What possibly possessed you to pick her?
  • shiro_nyaga This is an insult to women of integrity! Women who have been raised right! Women who earn an honest living! This is an insult to the nation as a whole! Shame on you!!!!
  • chepchirchironoh The beginning of your downfall, you are not yet out of the scandal of not paying your models then this ? Distasteful, Shame Carol Mandi, I hope you never ever complain about corruption when you aid and abet it.
  • amaseivy Very disappointed
  • evaawino This is an insult to the kenyan women.
  • desireewonderland Shame on you
  • brenda.miller.12177276 Really? There are women in the village to celebrate,this time you went wrong
  • waithirakimani_ Her an iron lady 😂😂😂 must be April Fools then. This issue I won’t buy just because of the cover there are straight women with integrity out there genuinely have strength but hey guess no ethics applies here

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