Just the other day, I asked if it’s actually possible to predict death. This is after Kenyan based Burundian artiste Kidum stated that the legendary Papa Wemba had foretold his death, which has saddened thousands of his fans across the world.

‘Papa Wemba Predicted His Death’ Claims Singer Kidum

In a recent interview with Ivorian TV presenter Serge Fatoh Eleingan, the Congolese music icon spoke about his last days on stage and what would happen. Shockingly, it happened exactly as he predicted.

He made the statement in response to a question posed by Serge Fatoh, in an interview on the program Afronight on March 10, on the French pan-African channel 3A Télésud. Not only did the music legend’s death happen exactly as he predicted, but the stage in question turned out to be in Côte d’Ivoire, the homeland of the presenter, to whom Papa Wemba foretold his own death.

Below is a translated transcript of the interview courtesy of Rumbi Chiutsu.

SERGE FATOH: What do you dread most, your final exit on stage, or your final journey?
PAPA WEMBA: l believe on my last concert, it will be on stage that I am going to go, right there, in front front of the fans.

SERGE FATOH: ls that your wish, Is that what you wish for yourself..?
PAPA WEMBA: I get that impression because there are times when it happens to me while on stage… where I feel as if …I’m going to reveal this now …. where l feel as if l am flying….like l am actually flying. And it couldn’t be. …(interrupted by Serge)
SERGE FATOH: Maybe it could be the energy from the crowd?
PAPA WEMBA: Maybe, it could be, l don’t know, I really don’t know, ‘s .honestly. ….l don’t know how to explain it……But I. ..well. ….but that also may well be the way l will go.

(end clip)

Video courtesy of Telesud TV Channel Facebook page