Many might not agree to it but most ladies wish were in the position of Amina Chao after Milele FM presenter Jalango officiated their union.

Going by her photos Amina looks like a laid back damsel and here are things she should expect from kamati ya roho chafu.

  1. Team fisilets

Some women find a taken man attractive and now that Jalango has announced he is off the market some women will try to lure him to bed.

2. Trolls

Amina will now be under public scrutiny every little thing she does whether good or bad kamati ya roho chafu will find fault in whatever she does.

Reasons why Jalango escaped a ‘death trap’ by not marrying a Luo lady

3. Maswali za polisi

Soon she will start being asked on white wedding ni lini? Utazaa lini? And she should start developing a tough skin.

The minute Jalango posted about the ruracio the union became public.

4. CID tendencies from fans

Henceforth, the people from the kamati ya roho chafu will investigate her life you would think they work for CID in order to find something to talk about.

Akikohoa wanaitika.

She will be stalked whether for good or bad reason and she should be ready to respond back when necessary.

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