Nabbi, girlfriend to singer Otile Brown revealed that she once got into trouble with her family members when she was featured on Otile’s music video.

At some point last year, the couple were not together and the singer released an apology song which caught Nabbi by surprise.

She said this on an Instagram Live with Shaffie Weru.

‘It came as a surprise and it was very heartwarming and at the time we were obviously not together. We separated for a reason and I needed time to think about it. It worked eventually’

Otile and Nabayet
Otile and Nabayet

She went on to say that the long distance relationship has had many challenges and has tried to break up with the singer several times but finds herself rekindling the love.

‘Long distance is not easy at all and it has been the hardest experience. When you create that bond with someone, you’ll have to fight for it’

‘We tried calling it quit so many times. People were always asking why we were not together. That was never the case, sometimes you are just tired of fighting.’

Nabayet was the only woman I loved – Otile Brown

The two met in Australia after speaking on phone for seven months.