The shoe wearer always knows where it pinches. For Kikuyu comedian and now turned pastor Muthee Kiengei knows what losing a parent and missing them terribly feels like.

In a social media message to netizens he warns that people need to take a step back and assess how they relate with their parents.

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The radio presenter was not impressed by people ignore their parents calls terming them as a bother.

They are not aware that every moment they share with them is a precious gift.

“Whenever I see my friends pressing a slide button to mute their mum’s or their dad’s call and then they say ‘Aaah huyu ni mum nitampigia baadaye’, my heart bleeds,” he said.

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He continued,

“Up to today, it is now seven years and I am unable to delete my late mom’s contacts in my phone. Guys, she gave you life. Give yourself back to her.”

Kiengei emphasized.

“Mama na baba wapendewe sana kama wako hai. There will come a time whe his or her voice as a memory will be a tear rolling.”

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