Accident are now becoming rampant and sadly we loose lives. A serious accident at sachangwan, 6 people are said to be dead and scores injured.

According to witnesses a truck brakes failed and it rolled several times hitting a few vehicles vehicles.


After seeing this accident people commented on social media saying;

Kiplangat Towett Kaptotonindet: I was there when it happened. Infant our vehicles was missed by inches coz driver aliingia side akahepa na watu walikuwa nyuma wakaptwa

Phoebe Samwel’s: That was God. Poleni, its just so heartbreaking

Pst Mohamed: Adan Very, very 😔 sad new, this old Lorries must be removed from the road, very

Vincent Kibet Tuei: Solution for Salgaa-Nakuru road must be work out without further delay,Kenyans are loosing their life on this spot and it’s seems the KENHA don’t bother, pole sana for the families who lost their love one

Mfalme John Bii:… I think solutions should be seek on that area… Expansion of the road and dedicated lane for truck’s

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