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American rapper and activist Robert Rihmeek Williams, popularly known as Meek Mill has revealed he is traumatized by lace-front wigs.

Front lace wigs

The rapper took to Twitter to narrate his worst experience dealing with a woman who was wearing one of them.

Lace front wigs are wackkkk! I’m protesting them🤙🏾


Nicki Minaj’ ex-lover’s tweet sparked a debate online with women among them, Stefflon Don, lashing out at him. But he went ahead to explain how he was left traumatized after a certain sexual experience involving a woman’s lace-front wig.

I was hitting something from the back grabbed her hair just to make it a lil rough and it slipped off and ever since It’s been trauma 😂😂

Meek Mill

He continued;

I just hate when you see that lace cap line in front all slicked down and the net in the middle 😅 we letting y’all have everything else …. ask y’all man how he feel lol.

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He added:

“And I can still be attracted to a woman wearing them … but my thoughts be like “is that a wig?”

And the rapper had more to say and continued by saying:

I seen this girl wig shift back and none of her girlfriends told her I was like ummm ummm ummm 😅😅

Stop with all the black women stuff too I actually like black woman best with nothing on “y’all be getting to serious.

His remarks irked many although he had a handful who were supporting him. He later tweeted;

Why y’all be so serious on here 😔😔😔 this stuff is not real life relax.

Meek Mill

I’m sorry lol I just had a few bad lace experiences that traumatized me …. you ever get food poisoning from eating something and never wanna eat it again😂 it’s the same feeling I’m off Twitter I’m still not ready for this app.

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