For the youngins amongst us, might not remember Kenya’s OG of all trollops, gyal like Toxic. Back in the day, the lass who was at the time in State House Girls was the only socialite. This was back in the days of Insyder Magazine and when The Pulse, that weekly value add from The Standard were relevant.

Toxic who goes by the government names Juliet Kwamboka was the “it” girl and even ended up getting signed to Grandpa Records to dance in their music videos along with the lasses in her troupe “Intoxicating”.

The lass eventually faded from the limelight after she settled down with and married a Kenyan who was serving in the German military and they had a child together. She would sporadically pop-up in the social scene when she was around town but other than that, she largely remained silent. That is ofcourse, till now.

Toxic is getting married and she managed to unlock the ultimate trollop achievement, she landed a white man! Blacc Chyna would be so proud of the lick about to happen!

When asked for a comment what she said:

“James is his name, that’s all anyone needs to know. How we met? Let’s just say fate brought us together. I can’t give more details because the way my life is set up, I am enjoying my privacy,”