Bridget Achieng, former Nairobi D actress has stepped out looking like a snack…A candy. And today 15th July is her birthday.

She could not have waited to turn 29. She has been serving us nothing but snack goals since the month began.

She has been posting a picture a day all in anticipation of this day when she turns 29.

Bridget Achieng

The cast member of Nairobi D (which seems like it’s over) has gone through the worst and is now living a life she never thought she would. Well-traveled Bridget turns 29 and has decided to give back to the society in memory of her past.

So tomorrow we kicking it with the lovely young future leaders @bridgetsworldfoundation For my BIRTHDAY, all I wanted to ever do is to leave a legacy behind when gone, I’m actually living my dream, what is fame if we can’t bless the less fortunate, or create awareness , touch lives, there wasn’t any better way to celebrate this years birthday, i have aloooot to thank my GOD for, this kids always put a smile on my face whenever I’m low, and since the day I took this task, have seen Gods handwork in many ways in my life from 12noon to 4 pm tomorrow will be in Kibera drive, ayany estate, next to ayany primary all my fans you welcome, all that have been wishing for selfies and advice, Tomorrow is the day,bonding sessions 😍😘can’t wait to meet you guys in 3D, some of you have turned to be family…call this number in case you lost or for directions if you coming 0751268835…SEE YOU ALL TOMMOROW….#BIRTHDAYGIRL#givingisbetterthanreceiving

Bridget has decided to make the day not about her but others. From the comments on social media, she has received a lot of support.

‘He is indeed merciful’ Bridget Achieng’s latest post could just be her joining Amani and Size 8 in salvation

Probably this is the year she will decide to settle down and Mustafa might be the lucky man. He had been hinting throughout the last few episodes of Nairobi D season 8 and even confessed his love for her during the reunion. He said he is ready to have a second wife.

Well, here are pictures of her amazing photo shoot as she turns 29:


Bridget Achieng


Bridget Achieng


Bridget Achieng


Bridget Achieng