The mother to the  Emmah Wanyota, the Vera Beauty student whose badly mutilated body was found dumped near their home has said she knew the ex boyfriend.

The distraught mother painted the horrifying picture of how her daughter met her death, an incident that shocked the silent town.

They tore out her intestines, They killed her in her bedroom. Before that, they raped her in the sitting room before moving her to the bedroom.

After that they killed her and took her body outside, she had no hands nor legs.

Photos of 21-year-old Eldoret student killed and body parts missing

Emmah Wanyotas mother

According to the mum, they had tried contacting Emmah in vain.

‘We called my daughter two weeks ago and she was offline. Days after that her phone would not go through.

I talked to a friend of hers who informed me that there was a new Muslim boy from Moi’s bridge who wanted Emmah by force.

Emmah Wanyota

Adding that he had even taken away her phone.’

According to Emma’s mother, Mustafa even went ahead to use her daughters WhatsApp.

The boy started calling himself Mustafa Makinya Wanyota, although Makinya Wanyota is my late daughter’s name.

She was to graduate on 21st September 2019 but her graduation was pushed further to 4th October 2019.

‘She was his third victim,’ Eldoret residents speaks out on Emmah Wanyota murder

Mustapha’s family and I know each other. He used to help me repair things here at home and so he knew the setting of our home.

I would even ask my family to prepare him something if he came around.

Emmah Wanyota and Mustafa

Emma had joined her mother on an errand not knowing what awaited her.

Yesterday I went to buy a solar panel. Emmah prepared herself and Sheila her sister remained at home.

Emmah had been called to a nearby church as she had been called to help them with matters of beauty.

Later I called her around 4:00 pm , what I did not know is that the next thing is that Emmah would go missing.

On coming back Emmah’s mother found her compound silent not realizing that there was impending danger.

I came back home but there was total darkness.

 no one was at home so I picked my phone and called my daughter but her phone was not being picked up.

I then decided to use my spare key to open the door only to be met by a scene of clothes and blood all over.

it’s then that I called my other daughter Sheilah Wanyota.

Emmah’s mum added that she was now worried.

I called the wiring guys and asked them if they had by any chance hurt themselves when fixing the solar, only for them to tell me no.

I then called Mustapha’s mother and she put off her phone, I Called Mustapha and he told me to speak to his mother but efforts proved futile.

It’s then I decide to report the disappearance.

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