Most of the married couples I know have lots of problems and fighting is always the order of the day in their houses.

Women will never tell their friends or family what they face but instead pretend all is well. Most of the time she tells the opposite of the truth and reality of what her life is.

Marriage is not a Bed of Roses as most people may tend to feel or think! Marriage is a Responsibility from day one!

Some women are the breadwinners of their families but when it comes to friends, she will pretend to be living a happy and pampered life praising his husband for taking care of her but in the real sense, the hubby is just a lazy a**.

Wamechoka! Celebrities who are tired of false ‘pregnancy’ stories

Here are the top 5 lies married women tell

  • No woman can snatch my husband
  • If not for my children, I would have left him
  • My husband has never lay a finger on me
  • My husband is a great provider, he makes sure I don’t lack anything
  • My husband is the best; he wears me out in bed
  • My husband is is the perfect gentleman and so wonderful, all any woman would want in a man.