Joji Baro

Homosexual Joji Baro, whose real name is George Barasa has for the first time opened up about his past.

Joji Baro
Joji Baro

The gospel singer has disclosed that he was an addict and he spent all his savings on alcohol. Joji Baro’s confessions comes barely a month after media personality Oliver Mathenge revealed that alcohol robbed him of his family, friends and almost he committed suicide.

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In a post he shared on Facebook, the bold gay, who is currently staying in South Africa says that he’s happy after quitting alcohol

“There was a time I used to be a drunkard. I took so many bottles in private so I won’t have to drink myself silly when in public and blamed it on being an amateur. What people don’t know I would even steal alcohol right on their table without them knowing. Most of the money I made went on alcohol but I never told anyone. Alcohol had become a friend. I was never lonely. I had a buddy. One that no one knew. When I decided that I was not going to drink myself to death everything I was running away from came back. Most of the decisions I made those days were influenced by alcohol. Even this shall come to pass. If I stopped drinking nothing is impossible for me. Even this I shall survive through. I am glad I was met when sober. My choices don’t have consequences anymore.”



The gay activist told on phone that he stopped drinking after he was attacked in church after releasing a song titled Same Love featuring bisexual rapper Noti Flow.

“I stopped drinking in August 2015 after being attacked in the church. At the same time I stopped being religious and avoided sex. I adopted secondary virginity status or celibacy in that I avoided anything that could influence me either spiritually or sexually. I wanted to unlearn everything and start all over again.

It is around the same time that I decided to let my natural hair grow longer that men no more weaves and wigs too. I left the city and went to live in the village for over six months. During that time a lot of things happened including the recording of the Same Love video. I backslided because I never had any support mechanism. I have cut my hair once and I have drunk once when I had a terrible nervous breakdown in 2017.

In short I diagnosed and prescribed my own remedy. For someone who was ruled as medically depressed in 2014 I knew exactly what’s and what nots. My hair is grown back to being long afro kinky.

I have learned to forgive myself because it is through sex that I got HIV. I have an office career with my own desk and a telephone line complete with my own business card. I sit back and I look at challenges I used to face and I am glad because they prepared me for this life. All I can say is that I am in a much more better place right now. If anybody ask me I would say I am in a milestone ahead of my peers.”

Joji Baro also revealed that during this time, he contemplated suicide and he says:

“At the same time I had a nervous breakdown that I wanted to be run over by a truck while on a live feed, I drunk a whole bottle of wine because I found it in my room. I still do not understand why that bottle was there.”

How did the church attack happen? He says:

“While coming from the church I had co founded I was attacked by a church goer and no security was put in place to protect any high profile activist. I felt that my work as an activist was not being appreciated to the point that I was being pushed out of the movement scene physically. The church had literally turned into a cult that was contrary to the perception I was trying to put out there about gay people especially the gospel artists. While I was being attacked I was told so many horrible things such as ‘I was going to die alone and that nobody was going to bury me’. This pushed me to abandon everything and go back to the village and try to make peace with my family because I was afraid I was gonna die. It was such a terrible experience that a vibrant congregation could not protect their own leader as they were the custodians who auspiced me to lead them.”

The song was later banned by KFCB leaving the gay lad heartbroken.

“The Same Love video was one of my most major work I have ever done that I really felt the impact of it. Sadly, the same people who criticized me for producing the same video went ahead to produce similar videos which were later also banned. I lost sponsorships for my future works because people who were supposed to fund my work were afraid of authority but still they went on to look for other producers to make imitations of my work which is still a good thing anyway,” said Joji Baro.

Adding that:

“Most people who took part in same love video ended up with the “Same Love Curse.” They are all in asylum and have since chosen to stay silent. Most people who took part in same love video ended up with the Same Love Curse.’ They are all in asylum and have since chosen to remain silent. Myself, I am trying to secure another music production in South Africa, where I am currently based so there is good things coming up.”

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Joji Baro has confirmed that he’s single and when the right time comes, he will for sure find someone.

“I am not seeing someone yet because I have so much baggage right now that I need to cut loose first.”
Joji Baro

Recently, gay author Binyavanga Wainaina announced that he was going to walk down the aisle with his Nigerian lover and the singer says he’s happy for him.

“I am happy for Binyavanga because he HA accomplished a lot in life than most gays out there. It is not a surprise that he is going to get married. It was due time. He is not the first gay to get married but from Kenya I would like to believe that he is the first and I believe other gays would emulate the trend that he is going to set and I am not an exception. We just needed someone that can break that top most ceiling. It’s not an achievement to get married but for gays it is. The fact that the Kenyan and Nigerian engagement party for Binyavanga and his groom-to-be will take place in some of the most homophobic countries in the world, makes me even more excited to look forward to attend the wedding,” he concluded.

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