Celebrities have the same insecurities that we all have.

The difference between them and us is that  they have embraced their insecurities while some have accentuated them to build their brands or give their altar ego a larger than life persona.

Here are celebrities who have taken their imperfections and flipped them around.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe
The beauty chilling

Socialite Huddah Monroe had to deal with her insecurity in a public way. She was featured in the voyeuristic TV reality show, Big Brother Africa – The Chase. The whole of Africa gazed upon her small chest-al area. Blogs made fun of her.

I remember her press conference, in Nairobi, after she was evicted from the house, Huddah said her lowest moment was when she saw the mean comments about her small chest.

She said, everything people were saying, she knew, but it hurt because they said it in jest.

Months later she remedied that. She got herself a nice pair of perky assets.


Gerald Langiri

Gerald LangiriHe is a renowned name in the Kenyan acting circles. Gerald Langiri has starred in many movies, TV shows, and commercials.

You have probably watched him on 24 Hours To Live, House Of Lungula, Veve and Mali among others. He recently confessed that his lisp is a blessing in disguise.

He wrote, ” One of my biggest insecurities I have as an actor is this schupid lisp I posses…and yet there are people who find it “sexy” and “unique” while I usually wonder “How do I still have friends if this is how I sound” lol But, there are other amazing people who didn’t let their lisp stop them from achieving their dreams; Eric Omondi, Christian Bale, Drew Barrymore, Emma stone, Jude law… Point is, don’t let your insecurities get the best of you… ‘So playa pleathe, dont get pith off. Theriously.’…..well mine isnt that bad.I’m just being thilly lol.”

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Singer Avril had to address online trolls who ridiculed her for her acne. The singer’s facial imperfections actually bagged her a lucrative cosmetics endorsement deal. Who is laughing now…?

Anyhow, acne is curable.

Avril took the time to tell off the online bullies.

“They laughed at me about 4 months ago. Ridiculed me to a point i didn’t even understand what for. Made memes and called me ugly. But guess what, my acne scars are slowly fading away! My forehead doesn’t have even one pimple yet that was the heaviest affected bit on my face. No condition is permanent. Always remember that.

Vera Sidika

People of the internet celebrated when a photo of Vera Sidika showing her face with patches of green emerged online. They trolled her and told anyone who could listen that skin lightening has caught up with her.

She was a cautionary tale.

A few days later Vera posted a photo saying that the contentious photo was taken in bad light. Since then Vera has avoided taking random selfies with fans just in case the filter is not kind to her skin tone.

Vera remedied her insecurity by lightening her skin and adding silicon to her derriere. Men now go wild for the new Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika

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Atemi has suffered. She has been congratulated many a time after the internet went crazy with news of her “expecting a baby”, thanks to her rotund figure. She has had to deny the “pregnancies” very many times till she decided to lose weight.

“I have been so inspired by this group but have never really had an achievement to post…till now! This is my before and after…5 months and 20kgs later 🙂 Eating clean and working hard! 15kgs from my goal weight,” Atemi wrote.



Rapper Collo revels in the fact that he is pint-sized. He is proud of it. To make that clear, he dated and eventually married a lady taller than him.

He even raps about it. On the single, You Guy he says, “One of us has to be the short one in the relationship so i’m going to take one for the team!”


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Rapper Frasha got into the industry and was shrouded in mystery. Few knew how he looked because he always hid his face with a different assortment of cap and dark sunglasses. Everyone wanted to know who that third fellow was the P Unit crew.

At the time, he was working in a hospital as a physiotherapist and he did not want his bosses and clients to recognise him. Years later he quit his job but still kept his identity hidden to create more mystery and interest in his brand.

Bridget Achieng’

Bridget Achieng
The expectant mother posing

Socialite Bridget Achieng’ has never shied away from admitting that she bleached her skin. The reason why she did it was so that she can compete with team light skin. She said that men never used to give her a second glance back when she was dark skinned.

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