Have you ever been on a date? If yes, when and where? Recently, I asked quite a number of people the most common meeting points for Nairobians and was shocked as many of them named almost the same places.

Well, below are some of their popular meeting points, do you agree with them?


This is where wannabes meet. They will request you to meet them there with hopes of buying them pizza. It’s always crowded with ratchets, left, right and centre.


Afya Centre

The only green house in town. Even if you tell a lady from the remote areas of Kisii to meet you there, she cannot get lost.



The meeting point of people from Western Kenya. Most of them stay in Kawangware, and the only place they know is Kencom because it is their stage. Next time you are in the area, make sure you observe keenly, you will see Wafula rotating around the building trying to look for Nekesa so that they can catch up for a date.

kencom 1

Nakumatt Lifestyle

The meeting point for broke and idle college students. They always converge to contribute for a bottle of cheap liquor and after getting high, they will speak all sorts of rubbish bragging how their fathers are rich yet it is all lies.


Odeon Cinema

This is where people from Kinoo, Kangemi, Kikuyu meet for dates. Most of them only know of this only place in town. That’s why most of them like Star Buses because they are the only buses that go to Odeon (“Odeon mwisho).