Safaricom Jitambulishe
Safaricom Jitambulishe

The 2019 edition of the annual BrighterMonday Best 100 Companies to Work For has been unleashed.

On it, features Safaricom in the top spot as the number one best company to work for as well as the most ‘desired’, and ‘respected’ brand.

A key theme in this report is ‘employee satisfaction and happiness levels’.

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Best companies in Kenya“We discovered that Kenyans are not entirely happy with their current work situations, with most willing to switch jobs, however, they are willing to provide positive recommendations of their current employers. This could be due to the fact that most Kenyans rate ‘Strong, Relatable Company Values’ highly as a sought after trait and most companies in Kenya are only beginning to adopt strong company values.,” read the BrighterMonday report.

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Here is how they did their ranking. Safaricom is the most respected & admired and desired company, alongside East African Breweries and United Nations.

Check out the top 20 list below.

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And now, check out the best 100 ranked company based on how desirable they are to the workforce.

From this list, you can start sourcing for internships ASAP to be able to experience the various companies’ ethos.

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