Kenyans love the internet and you will always find them on their phones or their computers browsing the interwebs. If you want Kenyan content not many know the best places to go… Here’s a list of the top Kenyan online communities;

10. Who’s moving out I move in?

A Facebook group That links up people who are searching for a rental place to move into i.e. If you are moving out post the estate, city and rent (optional) of place you are moving out of. And if you are searching state the estate you want to move into and rent range (optional). You can inbox someone moving out for further info on the available space.

who's moving out
9. Soko Huru
A Facebook community for classifieds, people always have something to sell and there will always be some ready to buy, here you will find everything that can be sold, as the saying goes, willing buyer willing seller.Caution should be exercised.

soko huru
8. Farming In Kenya
A Facebook community for everything to do with Agribusiness.Young people are turning to agriculture, this is where agribusiness and technology mix.From the hottest topics about green houses, get to know how to grow various crops, get your seeds, identify diseases, this community is very rich in information.

farming kenya


7. Bunge La Mwananchi
A Facebook community for political discussions, the discussions here are pretty heated. This is where the politics heads meet, with the usual Cord Vs Jubilee debates.If you want to get a dose of good old politics, this is the place to go.

bunge la mwananchi
Serious talk about wealth…wazua is a community for professionals, discusions are not only about wealth but also include politics, sports and international issues.When it comes to professionalism, wazua tops this list.
5. Umoja Estate
A picture speaks a thousand words

umoja estate

4.Business Ideas 101
As the name suggests this is a business community, it is rich in information on investment and entreprenuership.The support and knowledge available in this community is quite deep, if you have money and need investment advice, this is the place to go, but beware of conmen.

business ideas 101
This is where the crazies hang out, here you will find everything to do with kenyan stuff, the community has quite some crazy individuals…from men boasting of their sexual exploits to philosophical discussions.

kenyan talk
2. Kilimani Mums
A quite outrageous community, here you will find all the ratchetness and absurdities from kenyan women.From discussions about weaves to the latest womens pleasure toys, you won’t believe what you will find here.

1. Buyer Beware – Kenya
Popular for it’s explosive nature and consumer protection, this is arguably Kenya’s top online community.If someone ever defaults on your debt, just go to buyer beware and you will have them begging you for forgiveness.

buyer beware