“She told my friend to cover my mouth, then she used a wire”

My friend had invited me to his house. I had known him for a very long time, and it was normal for me to visit him. But when I went there, him and another friend started to touch me. I tried to fight them off, but they tied my legs.

The sad thing is, the whole time they were gang raping me, I was screaming and the women were sitting outside. They could hear me. But after they said it was my fault because I went to the house.

About a month later, I started feeling sick and I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t want to keep the child, as I didn’t know who the father was. So I confided in a friend and we found someone to buy pills from. She gave me three pills. Two I swallowed, and one I inserted in my vagina.

The pills did not work, so I went to another woman who inserted something inside me. I think It was a hanger. I remember the pain was excruciating! I was bleeding so so much. Eventually the pain got so bad I had to go to hospital. They told me I was lucky to be alive.

Nearly half of the estimated 56 million abortions performed worldwide every year are unsafe and women in poor countries face even higher risks, according to a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Guttmacher Institute.

In Kenya, where an estimated 464,690 abortions are conducted annually, business is booming for the butchers who often masquerade as doctors or health professionals.