A toilet seat is probably considered a yuck area. But according to research, there are worse things that will probably shock you because you carry them everywhere.

  1. Makeup brushes and bag


The reality is girls barley wash their brushes. The brushes collect a lot of dirt and then they are put in a bag altogether so bacteria’s just reproduce and the cycle goes on and on.

then-2. Smartphones

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It is exposed to everything and anything that can hold bacteria. The worst thing is our hands also carry a lot of bacteria and the only way to use the phone is by touching the screen.

Ladies make sure that you wash your brushes and clean out your kit at least once a week.

3. The base of your toilet

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While we’re busy focusing on the grime on the toilet seat, we completely miss the base of the toilet. Considering the stereotype that men are prone to missing the bowl when they empty their bladders, it’s not surprising to think that bacteria will linger on the bottom of the toilet and the surrounding floor.

4. Mops


You may think wewe ni msafi by running a mop around your floors every week, but it may actually be spreading more dirt than not.

The bacteria get caught up in the strands of the mop and are then smeared around the floor. Floors that are left wet to dry are also prone to bacteria build-up, as germs thrive in wet conditions.


5. Sides and under the oven

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While some ovens are built in, meaning that the gaps in the sides are safe from food debris, those that aren’t are vulnerable to food side spillage. Food that escapes the pan and falls down the side will eventually go off, leading to bad odours.

Now you know so be deliberate in cleaning them thoroughly. I mean this are things you use daily.