Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

Nyashinski has expressed his feelings in a letter he penned down. The Malaika hitmaker wrote a heartfelt poem that city women thought was a love letter to them.

Well, the ‘What A Beautiful Sunrise’ piece of art was shared on social media by the rapper appreciating women and asking for forgiveness from God.

Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

He wrote:

Today I waited for you. Just to see your beauty. To watch you with blankness in my mind. No worries. No plans. Just you and your simplicity and your light. You chase away the darkness. You bring hope of a new beginning. You symbolize yet another chance. Quiet but so great.
I don’t ignore you. Maybe, I don’t notice you every morning. Not maybe. Sometimes I’m asleep when you come around. You still glow. Whether I notice you or not. Somehow I feel like you are more important to me today, than you’ve ever been. That must be why I saw you today. You’re so beautiful.
Thank you God for another sunrise.
Another chance to be a better man.
To ask for forgiveness.
To forgive others.
To be the best simple me and not who I’m expected to be.
Maybe today I can achieve a dream.
I wish you all peace of mind and well being.
Maybe tomorrow you can also enjoy a sunrise.
If this is the last one we ever see, at least we didn’t miss it.
What a beautiful sunrise. 🌅🇰🇪”

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