Tob Cohen

The body of murdered Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen has revealed how gruesome his murder was.

The 69-year-old billionaire was murdered and his body dumped in a septic tank in the confines of his posh home in Kitisuru.

The details of the injuries on his body were revealed by a Dutch newspaper that wrote about the medical scan done on Cohen’s remains.

That scan was done on Tuesday in a prominent hospital in Nairobi. The images show, among other things, that Cohen’s skull was smashed, his hands broken and his left leg twisted.

Dutch Tycoon Tob Cohen’s last wishes raise eyebrows

Sources also claim that Cohen fought back his attackers which is evidenced by the DNA material found under his nails.

The body of the Cohen was found on Friday afternoon – eight weeks after his disappearance – in an empty water tank. It was wrapped with many layers of black plastic.

His hands, feet and neck were tied before he was killed. “The murderers took the time,” a shaken George Kinoti, DCI told Kenyan media.


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